By: Carrie Cahill Mulligan

May 07 2008

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Category: garden, macro, New Hampshire, summer, vegetable


Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD1000

Last summer, Andy & I grew broccoli from seed… I found it endlessly fascinating with the macro lens of my (then new) Olympus PowerShot camera.

I could get deeply lost in this kind of texture… it makes me want to recreate it with fiber and french knots!

12 comments on “Broccoliholism”

  1. Your photos are amazing!

  2. Thanks, Bev! I love looking close at things…

  3. The shapes are very sensual… who knew?

  4. Awesome! Broccoli is my absolute favorite veggie. I get teased because I could eat it almost every night. I should try growing it.

  5. Super cool image! Macro images are always so much fun to take.

  6. Great title *and* photo! Love the juicy beads of water, too.

  7. […] Much obliged, Carrie Cahill Mulligan […]

  8. Nice photo.

  9. […] Now, with’s recent release of Monotone, a chameleon photoblogging platform, I have taken the plunge and started a photo site of my own. […]

  10. Nice photo! But I’m using Monotone in WordPress too, and the background remains black no matter which image I use. Am I not doing something I should?

  11. Hmmm… that’s wierd. The same happens to me, when first I upload the photo and view it. But the second time I view it, the background color (a surprise to me) loads fine. I have no idea why!

    Sounds like a good question for the forums… ask the hive-mind!

  12. […] Plus, it’s summer, my garden is booming and broccoli reminds me of french knots! […]

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